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Charging speeds..

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Just a quick question about charging speeds. I've had a look at the reported power being drawn by the car at a few locations using Soul Spy, EV Notify and Car Scanner and just wondered if they seem right as I was expecting them to be higher. The car is a 2015 65 plate 27kWh.

EVSE cable - 1.6kw
PodPoint 7kw (Tesco) - 4.8-5.3kw
BP Pulse 50kw (tried 3) - 34-36kw

For the EVSE, my smart meter is reporting just over 2kw when I factor in the 200-300w being drawn by household items (2.3kw being displayed when charging), I'm just wondering if the power is being under reported by the apps or are these numbers about right.

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I can’t comment on that particular car, but when you say evse cable I presume you mean the granny charger with a 13A plug. These are capped at 10A which is 2.2kW. The pod points at supermarkets tend bot to be 32A and you can expect the power available to drop when multiple points are in use. The pod Point at my local Lidl peaks at 6.6kW.
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