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Hi guys, I have my Superb iV booked in at the dealers this coming Thursday for the second time to try and resolve the issue of being unable to register Skoda Connect, what I would most like to do is use the schedule charging feature that I believe you can do through Skoda connect to take advantage of my cheap rate leccy between the hours of 00.30am to 04.30am, it seems I am able to do this through e-manager in the infotainment system,

I have never had any Luck setting a start and finish time it just doesn’t seem to work, but I have had success in disabling this feature and just setting a departure time of say 04.30am,

the way it seems to work is when this departure time is set the car figures out what time the charge will start to fully charge for 04.30 I would say that from completely depleted it takes around 3 hours to fully charge, so in this instance the charge will start around 01.30 and will be fully charged by 04.30.

Anyone know if I am understanding this correctly,

thanks in advance.

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