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So my order for an SR+ is in. Expected delivery in May.

I currently have a 7kW polar unit (tethered) with a type 1 plug.

I really don't fancy getting a new charger due to the expense and hassle, so I'm thinking of getting a type 1 to type 2 adapter.

Is anyone here already using one, and are they reliable?

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If you were removing the wall charger all together you'd need the DC leakback protection (Type B RCD / RCCB) in place that the early chargers didn't need at the time.
You'd also need to buy the 32A Commando end for the UMC as it only comes with a 16A one.

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As @CoWplagued says, if you no longer need the type 1 it's easier to just change the cable.
For this you need:

Buy a cable with type 2 plug for 32A and a type 2 plug holster
set of tools to open the unit (depending on model and make)
cross head screwdriver
cup of tea/coffee

After ordering the cable with a type 2 plug and having received it;
turn off the switch in or near your switchboard;
ensure the light is off and as double safety, turn off the unit's switch;
have a sip.
open the unit's cover and remove it. carefully store the screws
take a picture of the existing cable connection.
undo the screws fixing the cable in the contactor,
undo the earth connection to the cable if there is one
have another sip
undo the securing strip holding the cable (if there is one)
remove the cable and store it away
remove the holster and put it with the old cable
have a couple sips :)
in reverse order place the new cable in place and redo the connections following the colour code as per the picture you have taken.
secure the cable in the unit.
ensure all tools and any items alien to the unit are removed and temporarily switch the power back on.
have a sip
test the unit in your car to ensure it is working properly.
After testing turn the power back off re-install the cover.
install the new holster in a suitable place. (maybe you will need to adapt it to suit.
place the cover back and secure it with the screws.

finish your tea/coffee :)
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