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Check EV system refresh kona

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Searched the forum but could not find a similar thread with the newer konas and also in my case the cars been driving normally except for the little icon on the dash

Anyway tomorrow will be in for diagnostics just hope is just a clear code fault can not afford any downtime this is a uber car
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Current the most popular fix for this message is a BMS software update.
Im pretty sure the car is still on its original everything in spite of already been in twice for schedule maintenance at the dealer.. but tbf I did not care either as long as the car is running smoothly, same reason I have never bothered to ac charge it ever (cell balancing) or have only inflated the tires once so far eh
I had this problem earlier in the year. See:

The solution was a painful high voltage battery replacement... If you read the above thread you will see that Portsmouth might be a much better solution than Tilbury. But convincing your dealership might be tricky.

Good luck!

Thank you and apologies for the late reply. Car was diagnosed with a fault in the BCS, dealer replaced the part in less than a week, no more details were given.

But like someone mentioned in your thread tho i have also recently done a couple of fast charges at a gas station and never done that before, only rapid charged it on 50kw public chargers, never ac charged it either if that matters...
Do you mean BMS? There's nothing called "BCS" in the car.
Battery cooling system, sorry i should have been more clear
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