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Hmmmm I've looked into this (well I found web pages that referred to the police reports) and the following is what I have read (slightly chopped down into bite sized peices (can't send the links as I was on a different PC at the time))

So :

1) a fire in a garage police reports say that fire spread to the car not from the car.
2) same as number one thb fire in the garage that then spread to the car.
3) this is the one that is most "odd" but still doesn't give me any worries, the car was involved I crash testing (massive side impact like being hit by a truck) the car was then taken away to a open air warehouse - three (3) weeks later the car electrics shorted out and caught fire. The moral of this story is that if you have a massive impact in the car that writes it off - DON'T HANG ARROUND THE CAR FOR 3 WEEKS WAITING FOR IT TO EXPLODE.

So having read the above I'm not that bothered ... Especially that we will probably running on "empty" most of the time as our commute is less than 20 miles round trip.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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