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Something happened to me today which nearly caused me to hit my garden fence!

I am used to driving into my parking space in reverse. The rear proximity sensors then start to chime and I continue to reverse slowly until the chime is continuous then stop. That very consistently puts me about 1 foot from the fence.

Today I was moving the car about 50 yds from where I had temporarily parked on the road so I didn't have my seat belt on. Because of that the chimes started telling me that my seat belt was not on. I wasn't going to put it on for 50 yds so I just continued as normal with the seat belts chime sounding. I started to reverse into my normal parking space slowly backing up. Very suddenly I realised that the proximity chimes were not sounding and I stopped just short of the fence.

Now, I realise that this is bad driving on my part so nuff said. However, I thought it worth mentioning to you all that it seems that the proximity sensors may not work at all if there are other chimes active. Nearly caught me out.

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You are legally allowed to undo seatbelts to enable reversing so I would have thought that selecting reverse would make the proximity sensors override the seatbelt warning. Must have been one of those scenarios not covered by GM/Vauxhall in their usability testing.
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