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I am a newbie into EV conversions, in order to gain some EV experience i am converting an already electric Mahindra Reva-i from Lead Acid Batteries to Li-ion using two Tesla modules for a total of 250Ah at 48V. (11kwh).

Something this guys did:

I am trying to keep as many stock parts as possible, i hope to only need to change batteries and charger, keeping the original controller and DC motor, please let me know if there is need to change anything else, BMS will be not bee added on the build.

Two quick questions:
1. What is the fastest that i can have specifically those two Tesla model S modules safely charged? What charger would you recommend me to archive that?

2. Also, which would be some of the cheaper charger options to buy, and how long would i take to have them charged using it?

Thank you all for supporting this newbie.
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