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Interesting to hear that the new 24 hour charging planned here will be only for ev's AND only while charging. A distinction not made in other regions from what I hear.

It is in a car park where parking charges wil still need to be paid.

The model used is the post have been funded in part by a local group, Stretton Climate Care. Installation funded by the County Council out of funds provided to all councils from central government called the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. Electricity provided for free by Coop. The Town Council wil nominally own the point

This type 2 post, if reliable, really opens up the key A49 route down the English Welsh border.

It will be 24 hours. And Church Stretton is in a stunning part of the world, sandwiched berween Caer Caradoc and the Long Mynd hills, which offer beautiful walks. The Long Mynd is wild moorland with equally wild white horses.

Church Stretton has shops, cafes, bars and plenty to while away 3 hours getting a 3 hour charge in a 6 kw Leaf or other ev.
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