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Citroen C-Zero battery range & OBDLink

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My C-Zero was purchased new in 2018 and I’ve had no problems except the range when fully charged has never gone above 64 miles which seems a little low to me even though I realise the figure shown is only a “guesstimate”. Citroen claim 93 miles but elsewhere I have seen 80 miles as a real world range.

I am due for my 12 month first service soon, so was thinking of asking Citroen to look at battery but as I don’t really trust them I wanted to use Canion to check the battery myself. However I am confused as to what OBDLink to get - there appear to be an LX, MX and an MX+. What’s the difference and will they all work with the C-Zero and Canion app?
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The claim of 93 miles is based on the NEDC rating system - in other words its a complete flight of fancy, sorry.

Not sure where you have seen real world range of 80 miles quoted either. You could achive that if your battery had as-new SoH (very unlikely) and you drove at a constant 20mph without stopping or starting, otherwise forget it.

The estimate you see at a full charge depends on your consumption over the last 15 miles or so driving before that - drive with a lead foot or on a motorway and it will be low, potter around in urban areas and it will be a lot higher.

From my experience driving an Ion for over two years and extrapolating back to a battery with an as-new SoH under cominbed driving cycle conditions you could realistically expect about 70 miles in summer and 48 in winter with the heater on.

Now multiply that by the likely battery SoH. My battery is down to a SoH of about 72% so realistically I now get 55 miles in summer and 35 miles in winter, and that's with fairly conservative driving.

All three will work with Canion, (I have an LX and an MX+) but you only need the cheaper LX. Make sure you buy direct from the manufacturer because older versions of the LX had problems with the bluetooth firmware that caused the device to frequently disconnect and lose bluetooth pairing when using Canion - you don't want to get stuck buying old stock from a 3rd party seller that might have the old bluetooth firmware as the bluetooth firmware is not field upgradable.

I found it considerably cheaper to buy direct from them in the US and get it shipped to the UK than buy from the UK! It did take a couple of weeks though.

I'd be interested to hear what Ah figure Canion reports for your car and what mileage and age the car is. For reference an Ah figure of 45.8 is considered to be a factory new capacity. So divide the reported Ah figure into 45.8 to get the SoH of the battery.
Hi, thanks for the reply.

I saw the 80 miles figure quoted on “HonestJohn.co.uk” but as you say it can’t be relied upon. My C-Zero has only done some 600 miles with no motorway driving and as I am in London the speed mostly in the 20 to 35 mph range with the occasional spurt to 42mph, so fairly conservative. Winter charging maxed out at 57 miles and in the warmer weather it has been 60 miles but the other day a full charge got to 64 miles. Admittedly the air on has been on recently but I had expected a full charge to be higher than 64 miles.

I will have to get the ODBLink to check out the SoH and report back.

Hopefully it is just a case of the reported range being inaccurate and not a battery problem as I can imagine trying to get Citroen to repair the traction battery will be difficult even under warranty.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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