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Citroen e-Dispatch - mini range review

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So 4 and a half months after ordering I took delivery of my e-Dispatch XL Enterprise yesterday. This was a month later than I was told to expect but the dealer was kind enough to loan me a diesel dispatch for the last month as I was without a vehicle having already sold my env200 back in December and the lease on my personal car ending in March.

Wasting no time I took it straight out on a 130 mile journey, split approximately 90 motorway miles, 20 dual carriageway (50mph limit) miles and 20 stop/start town miles. I started the journey with 100% battery. The weather was dry, with the temperature starting at around 8c and dropping to around 4c. I had planned to do this journey in eco mode but I soon found out that the heating was useless in eco mode and being a bit chilly I needed the heating on so stuck to comfort mode.

The journey started with approx 45 motorway miles which I kept to a steady 62-65mph (I did find that I crept up to 70mph a couple of times without noticing) and I averaged around 2.2 miles per kw. This was then followed by 10 miles at 50mph and the average miles per kw increased to around 2.5 and then 10 miles of stop start driving in town and the average miles per kw increased to 2.7. I then completed the return journey and arrived home with exactly 25% battery remaining (this was according to the guage, I'm not sure if there's a digital read out of the battery percentange anywhere) and 38 miles of range - I can't remember what the final miles per kw was for the entire journey but I think it was 2.5 or 2.6. So on the basis of there being around 25% battery remaining, in those conditions I would have got approx 175 miles out of a full charge.

I then took it on a 2nd shorter journey today to try and replicate a more typical everyday journey rather than a heavily dominated motorway journey. It was a little warmer at around 10c and I didn't need the heating so this journey was done in eco mode. The total journey was 39 miles and this was split approx 10 motorway miles @ 62-65mph, 4 start/stop town miles and 25 a-road miles, sticking to speed limits ranging from 30mph to 50mph. The overall miles per kw was 3.2 and I completed the journey with 80% battery and a remaining range of 175 miles. Depending if you want to go off the remaining battery or indicated range, this would have given me an overall range in those conditions of 195-215miles on a full charge.

It's early days but both journeys have proved fairly encouraging in terms of range. Very roughly I think I can expect 135/140 100% motorway miles in winter, up to 170/175 miles in summer and 180 to 220 town miles, and of course somewhere in between for mixed journeys.
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I've been handed a loaner vehicle, 75kWh panel van by Peugeot after they forgot to put in the order (which I only found out about when I called to see if they had a delivery date!) and its been performing really well with a lot of country lanes and A roads at 60ish I'm getting about 3.2 miles/kWh which is really great, complete game changer after 6 years with an env 200. Having it loaded or unloaded hasn't seemed to make much discernable difference either. It's a great bit of kit. I'm not absolutely sure what the total usable pack size is, but if it's 68kWh that's 217 miles not bad at all.
I’ve got a 75 kWh e expert and really like it - however there is a very noticeable high pitch whine from about 50 mph which gets higher pitched as I go faster - do you get this? It’s a real pain as I have tinnitus and it’s kind of the same frequency as the high pitched whine🙁
Huh, well that's a pain, mine doesn't do that so it might be worth getting it checked out at the dealership?
Cheers, just needed confirmation that this isnt normal.
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