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While we have all been chatting about Citroen bringing back the C-Zero and a convertible for Bollore's Autolib!

To my total surprise, I've received a message to confirm that the Citroen Mehari is back as an EV!

The car is not identical to the Bollore's Blue Summer - it is genuinely a production model!

As I have said elsewhere, I dont believe the stories of the C-Zero re-incaration, in UK - but this model seems like it could appear and be bought - albeit in small numbers.

Here is the spec:

*- top speed of 68 mph/110kmh
*- 124 miles/200 km range (city – NEDC)
*- full charge in 8 hours on a 16A socket (at domestic/public stations such as Autolib in France), or in 13 hours on a 10A domestic socket
*- Maximum power : 50 kW
*- Rated power : 35 kW
*- Lithium Metal Polymer battery: 30 kWh

Pricing is from ~€24,000 (+battery lease)! Available in France 2016 and rest of Europe 2017!

Come on Citroen UK - get the right story out! :cool:

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I'll buy one for Spain
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