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Combo e better than expected 5 miles per kWh

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5 mil/kWh is better than I was expecting from the Combo e. Our Corsa e isn't managing 5 but we do drive it with a heavier right foot! As you can see from the average speed this is mainly round town, driven in standard mode with the odd use of high power at traffic lights! Come the winter this will no doubt drop down to near 3 but not bad for such a blob of a vehicle.

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That's impressive - my fully laden Vivaro manages 2!
We don't carry much, just a few light parcels. The something I don't like about it is the ride, you feel every bump but that probably due to it being almost empty. The brakes are also very sharp and difficult to judge, again probably because it's empty. It's on the bigger 16" rims to make room for larger discs, I guess to help slow it down with the weight of the battery and a possible full payload. What sort of driving are you doing?
Mixed, sometimes in the city centre, sometimes on dual carriageways. It's surprisingly comfortable, likely because it's carrying enough to activate the suspension properly. It's so heavy we don't have the option of the 70kw battery; that and all the stuff we have to carry would take it over the maximum authorised mass. The brakes are adequate, but not great. They feel a little odd because pressing the brake pedal doesn't press the pads against the discs - instead it regenerates the battery, only using the actual brakes when you press harder. The transition feels weird, but you get used to it. I mostly use the regen.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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