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I recall someone asking before all the old threads got necromanced; plus I was curious myself, so without further ado...

MEDIA Format / File System TypeFilesystem SuffixYESNONOTES
Windows Media Video.wmvXNot supported
Flash Video.flvX25Mbps 1080p jerky
MKV.mkvXh264, x264 & DD5.1 work. HEVC & DTS unsupported, bitrate chokes over 40Mbps.
MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4).mp4X1080p 30fps @ 35Mbps - fine, 1080p 60fps jerky
AVI.aviMaybe: 1 of 2 files played (1080p)
2160p (4k) 30 / 60fps contentAny formatX
Free Lossless Audio Codec.flacX5861kbps
MP3.mp3X320kbps CBR
M4A.m4aXNot supported
Windows Media Audio.wmaX1059kbps
Ogg Vorbis.oggX476kbps
Apple Lossless.alacUntested
JPEG.jpg .jpegX
Portable Network Graphic.pngX
TIFF.tif .tiffX
USB drive file systems
APFSApple File SystemUntested
Ext4Linux defaultUntested

Retest choked files using USB3.0/3.1 USB drive though I don't expect a different result.

TLDR : Playback should be fine with a compatible format if the bitrate is < 40Mbps (and not .flv).

No performance difference in either USB slot.
Mp4 video will play but m4a audio won't.
Wma will play but wmv won't.
Video cannot render subtitles or switch audio tracks.
Embedded MP3 cover art will display.
Car will play video whilst in motion until >10mph
If USB stick is removed or car switched off during playback, playback will resume automatically when pressing 'Video' after USB stick is re-inserted, or car is started.

If anyone cares enough to try an Apple or Linux formatted stick (if that's even a thing) and/or apple lossless then I'll update the post.

Apologies for the table formatting, seems I can't easily define column width, and yes the header colour is awful in dark mode, but I can't change it.

56 Posts
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Thanks for this.

I've found that some m4a files (aac codec) play ok, others start but stutter and stop, but I don't know why.
Aye, same deal with AVIs, probably sensitive to the particular encoder/software used to generate the file.

Had similar issues back in the day with multi-region DVD players claiming DivX/XviD support. Burned quite a few coasters before we figured out compatible settings. And then Android came along - same issues. Several shady video players installed, yet only if you were very lucky would one would play the file you wanted to watch with no audio delay; thankfully Kodi & VLC are a thing now.
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