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See Electric vehicle charging market study

Comments by 5 January.... Time to make our views known.

Extract from the document:

  1. What challenges or difficulties related to chargepoints might act as a barrier to consumers switching from a conventionally fuelled passenger vehicle to an EV and how might these be overcome?
  2. What are the key challenges for consumers already interacting with the sector and how might these change over time as the sector grows?
  3. How do consumers decide which chargepoint services and providers to use? What information do consumers need to make this decision and at what stage in the decision-making process?
  4. Can consumers easily understand and compare charging tariffs in this sector and what barriers, if any, do they face?
  5. Do particular groups of consumers face additional challenges to interacting with the sector and if so, who and why? How might these be overcome?
  6. Are there any technological developments or tools that could support consumers to navigate the sector, for example by helping to make more informed choices?
  7. Are existing protections offered by consumer law and other measures (such as sector regulations) sufficient?
  8. What, if any, open data measures are needed to support consumer interaction, such as through the growth of comparison sites and apps?
  9. What else is required to help ensure that the EV charging sector develops in a way that is responsive to consumer needs?

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Thanks for posting that - very interesting. The questions above are the Theme 2 ones titled "effective consumer interaction with the sector". The following are the Theme 1 ones:

Theme one: developing competition while incentivising investment
  1. How is the EV charging sector developing and how will technological or other developments (for example smart technologies) impact sector development and competition?
  2. How well is competition between EV charging providers working at present in the different sector segments and what are the key risks to effective competition (including any emerging competition concerns)?
  3. How can competition in the different sector segments be strengthened as the sector develops, either by building on current policies and/or through other approaches?
  4. What are the main existing and potential barriers to entry and expansion for EV charging providers and how can these be addressed?
  5. How can chargepoints be effectively deployed to ensure there is sufficient supply to meet future demand? What factors need to be taken into account?
  6. What incentives are there for private investment in EV charging infrastructure including within the different sector segments? How might incentives need to change for the future growth of the sector and development of competition?
  7. What impact does public subsidy have on private investment incentives; are there any areas/gaps where public support is most likely to be needed?
  8. What is required in order to ensure that rural / remote communities and those without off-street parking are well served by charging infrastructure?
  9. What role should local authorities play to help deliver EV charging in a way that promotes competition? What support would they need?
  10. What can be learned from the different policy approaches taken in the devolved administrations for the EV charging market’s development?
I suspect that a lot of people on here will have some very firm views on both Themes. ;)

Comments by 5 January.... Time to make our views known.
Definitely! (y)

The timing of this makes me wonder whether the story of the Porsche Taycan driver was planted? Or am I crediting the Government with joined up thinking? :devilish:

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Just read an article on this. Interesting extract “ An investigation by The Times earlier this year found that some public devices cost up to nine times as much to charge a car as those installed on domestic driveways. One operator charged as much as £23 for the power needed to drive a car 100 miles.”

I wonder who that could be.....
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