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Confirming user every time we start up car?

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We currently only have one account connected to car and enabled as primary user for ID4 (v3). Do we always need to confirm the user as it's very annoying to always click the "ok" before HUD/CarPlay is displayed.

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Pretty sure I have online mode enabled

Is this instead of or as well as selecting online mode at start up?
If I wanted the old ways I would be driving around in a diesel pickup with manual windows, no power steering etc.... No thank you, I would rather the display popup up this notification and then after 10s display the radio/music station instead of my face.

I'm sure there is a fix and I realise it's not what you asked but an alternative! .... Get used to not having "HUD/CarPlay" to distract you from your driving?

Just a suggestion. Sometimes the old ways are the best! Quite liberating actually to just eschew all this excess of display information and, you know, 'drive' the car like we did in the old days! ;)

It's what I ended up doing in the Fluence and the Zoe that nagged me into pressing soft-buttons before being allowed to see anything.
User profiles have come in with Software v3.0, presumably this is a new vehicle?

It replaces the old confirmation that you are going online, compliance with GDPR or some such regulation, but looks like you still have to confirm you want to do so even if you’re the only registered user.
That was my thought too. But fuck GDPR, already enough of pain on webpages with cookie bullshit. Hopefully, the software engineers/product owners implement a better solution!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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