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Confirming user every time we start up car?

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We currently only have one account connected to car and enabled as primary user for ID4 (v3). Do we always need to confirm the user as it's very annoying to always click the "ok" before HUD/CarPlay is displayed.

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what a great looking car, Can you imagine pulling up on a charger in that,
Pretty sure someone has already made an electric version of that. Just insert one Tesla motor and a battery. :D
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That wasn't quite a reply I was expecting.
Yeah only afterwards I realized the oxymoron. Somehow had forgot the true first EVs. But nevertheless pretty sure someone at least had the perverse thought about fitting a Tesla motor since people seem to put them practically in any older vehicle these days if even theoretically possible. :D

I'd believe with this vehicle one would have to be truly creative to pull something like that off however. And it would be a deathwish to even think about driving it. :)

PS. sorry to sidestep the thread...
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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