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Yes and it is crazy that (a) BMW charges so much for this Heat Pump option in the UK, and (b) does not fit it as standard anyway.

In the USA it was a $100 option and then became standard I think in 2019.

Blame the £/Euro exchange rate since 2016 for that I guess.

I specified this option (despite the ridiculous cost) because, theoretically, it added range (miles) across quite a large range of ambient temperatures typical in the UK. Thought I might as well get the maximum range possible from a 120ah given that REX was no longer an option. Of course it is impossible to say what benefit I am actually getting in practice because I'll never know what range I'd have got without it!

I did notice, when I was going to buy an i3, that most of the ex-Press demo cars that BMW were selling through Park Lane and others had been specified with the Heat Pump option - so BMW UK must have thought it made a real world range difference that would look good in press reviews.

You are probably looking at a benefit of 5-15 miles on a full charge with a Heat Pump versus without depending on ambient temperature. Whether that is 'worthwhile' depends on the individual I guess.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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