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I love SUVs. I love having the space... it is like owning a van. I love the high driving position. I like their ruggedness.

But then again, I like more sporty cars too and this is where the Ampera wins of course. We had a Land Rover Freelander 3 and that was an SUV with a bit of a sporty feel and that is probably why we liked the Freelander so much.

We were sad to see it go but we wanted the Ampera more. I think what has happened is that I haven't taken to the Ampera as much as I had hoped and so I now pine for the Freelander again but it is not a plug in (yet!) so the only option was to consider the Outlander if we wanted an SUV. Of course, the Outlander is no Freelander. That is perhaps the problem!

We will stick with the Ampera for a while longer and see what else comes along.
Considered keeping the Ampera and looking at the e-NV200 with the bench seat in the back?
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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