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Im not 100% familiar with how the Ampera works but the Outlander doesn't just run either electric or petrol. I had a day test drive, ran it 95% electric for the first 29 miles or so... rapid charged it back up then ran it as I would doing a long trip, it seamlessly switched from electric to hybrid and back, the petrol engine kicking in on ascents and cutting out on descents, back in when I was accellarating, and so on (Never driven the Ampera so dont know if its the same). I did just over 120 miles like that and there was still a tiny bit of battery left... the screen showed an average of 82 mpg for that journey. And I wasnt taking it easy.

I loved it.... for me its a game changer for EV's / Hybrids due to it's size and affordability.

Go for it!
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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