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Renault Zoe Intens Q210 22kw 2013
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Hello all , in the normal check of things today all things DDT4ALL I found that the refrigeration/cooling parameter on my 2013 q210 22kw Zoe is set to R134a refrigeration.

last year my car was in the garage/ Renault main dealer it had leaking seals around the traction battery cooling area and they had to repair it and then re-gas it . Its more likely they would have gassed it with the up to date more environmentally 1234YF refrigeration gas.

So in DDT4ALL I noticed the setting is set for R134a instead - and just wondering what effect this setting does have on the Zoe? (if anything?) and should I set it to 1234YF instead?

all I can see (but there is more than likely more) is that 1234YF is more enviromentally friendly and more flammable than R134a gas.

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