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I thought it might be an idea to create a thread to discuss this since it's a subject that regularly comes up.

In my case I love the western tip of Cornwall, around St Just, St Ives, Sennen, Penzance, Kelynack and around there, camping with my two daughters. I'm in an iPace with real world range of about 240 miles in summer. I used to go in my X5 so clearly no issues at all but in an EV it is a different proposition.
There the best part of bug*** all in terms of rapid charging around there other than the rapid in Penzance car park that will be massively oversubscribed in summer. Sure there are some more options inland but you've got to come 20-30 miles inland which means you can knock 60 miles off of the range of the car just to'ing and fro'ing from the chargers. The only option is granny charging which some camp sites do not permit. There are a few 7K chargers at Tesco's in Penzance which is better than nothing but thats's hardly inspiring is it?

Anyone have any "red hot information" regarding plans for more rapid charging in this area? Because until it comes I am now holidaying elsewhere, which is a shame. I do not regret going EV and I love it. The X5 had to go and I did the right thing. But Cornwall looks like it is out for the foreseeable future in the EV since I don't have the confidence there is enough infrastructure down there at busy times.
Just done a Cornwall mini break in the Ioniq 5. You have not said where you start from but Ionity Collumpton on M5 and the brand new GrideServe hub which is just 10 more minutes south down the M5 (Exeter) are fantastic. I had issues with both on the round trip though. 2 out of the 4 Ionity’s out of action with the other 2 occupied. CS re-booted the 3rd bay after which it charged…at about 30kW. Got up to 90kW eventually but was sluggish.
GridServe on return journey, great speeds but then charger would not stop and release my cable! Had to call their CS to sort!
On the A30 heading to Cornwall, I used the Shell 50kW SINGLE charger at Carland Cross. Quite expensive. This is on a roundabout so approachable from any direction. Perfectly reliable. Did not have to queue. Topped up to 85% and meant would not have to worry about charging again after our stay at St.Ives.
Near to St. Ives there is a nice Tesco with 4 x 7kW PodPoints- Carbis Bay. Apparently a 2 hour time limit but comments on ZapMap say no issues after 4 hours and no fines in post. We plugged in for 1 hour while we walked down to Carbis Bay beach. Beautiful sunny day.
Next unplanned charge was at Lands End. £7 to park. Noticed a SINGLE GridServe in the car park right near the entrance. Apparently 120kW CCS…but my car charged at 30kW. (Par for the course reading comments on ZApMap if it works at all!)Only there for 30 mins and got 10% battery’s worth!
Did another 1 hour free charge at Tesco PodPoint 4x 7kW in Penzance while we were researching our B&B for the night. Had a nice chat with some people about the best places to eat there (Dolphin Tavern highly recommended!)
On way home, stopped at Shell Perhale (Fraddon) which is on the Northbound A30. 2 x 150kW units. Again worked perfectly but expensive. Great charge speeds. Porsche Taycan turned up to use the other one while we were there. Driven by an airline pilot judging from his uniform!
Will return soon to look at Port Issac and Padstow. Some Instavolts at the latter. Some Ospreys dotted about here and there. Seem to be a lot of non functional Genie Points in the area though. It seemed very off peak when we went end of last month so no queuing for chargers at all. Quiet on the roads there and back. (Recession started/cost of petrol??) Covered over 540 miles and cost about £56 in charging. Ionity for me is the cheapest but few and far between in the UK. At least you can use Tesla SC now. They must have some dotted about the place but they were not an option when we went. MM
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