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Corsa-e Elite 2020
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Just done a firmware update on my corsa-e.

im presuming most cars recently bought are up to date from the dealer but the myopel app said i had one available.

the app has a link for help files but was empty so i googled and followed instructions on Peugeot website as it seems same.


download took about and hour and half (4gb)

took ages to uncompres to usb key which i found wouldnt work as it wasnt fat32 so formatted and copied to key again.

Put in car. Got a message to say no media files on usb key but a few seconds later came up with a message asking if want to update firmware. Selected yes and took 20 mins ish to install. Was expecting it to take longer.

no idea what the update did.

need to do the sat nav update now.


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