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I've been lurking for a while looking for a late registered Leaf with low mileage, probably Acenta and hopefully 6kW with a budget of around £11K.

Imagine my joy on the way home yesterday when I stumbled on this ad at my local dealer.
Demonstrator clearance: 65 Dec15; Tekna; 6kW charger; 30kW battery; 1400mi; £12,990 reduced from £17,990!

So having been pipped to the post once already this week I got down there sharpish trying to play it cool and maybe shave a few more quid off..but prepared to pay the asking rather than lose it. Once I'd said I was interested and did the preliminary paperwork, the salesman went off to see what he could do on price, only to return 5 mins later and tell me there's 'been a mistake' on the advert and it should have been £15,990. Noooo!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, and feeling a bit gutted about missing out on the 30kW and 8yr battery warranty, they had another one, a 15 Jul15 Tekna 6kW charger; 24kW battery with 5000mi which I got for £11,600 Not too bad all in all. - I pick it up next week!
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