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Many councils up and down the country have obtained funding for public charging and this is typical of the reporting you see in the media. It demonstrates just how well-meaning reporting can confuse the public.

South Gloucestershire and Bristol councils win funding bid for electric car charging points

Just a few points:

The £562,000 award will fund the installation of the seven charging points throughout South Gloucestershire and a further eight points in Gloucestershire and Bristol, as part of a network of rapid charging points along the M4 and M5 corridors.
That is 1/2 million for what? 15 charging points or £37,000 each.

It is very easy to see how people could be shocked at the cost of setting up EV charging points. There is no explanation in the report so people are left to draw their own conclusions and many just see this as a waste of public money for a few rich, EV owners. However, £37,000 is actually not an unreasonable price especially when you consider how much other road infrastructure costs. For example, in Cornwall a simple pedestrian refuge (a traffic island to you and me) costs about £15,000. A Pedestrian crossing £20,000 - £50,000. Speed tables (like speed humps but longer and flat on top) £10,000 each. People just don't see the costs of putting in public infrastructure.

Types of Traffic Calming and other Engineering Measures

Drivers will be able to charge their electric car in 30 minutes at each point. It is anticipated that work will begin on the detailed design for the points in September, with installation completed by March 2015.
This article implies that all EV drivers could fully charge their car in 30 mins! Only those with CHAdeMo or 43KW AC and there aren't many of those around at the moment. Owners of those with slower AC charging will still take hours. It doesn't mention that does it.

I have raised this because I would like to see more honest and accurate reporting of EV issues in the media. Some more explanation of why things cost so much and more recognition that not all EVs are the same or have these rapid charge capabilities.

What is good though is that there will clearly be more public charging capacity throughout the country coming in the next year or two.
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