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I started to get a cracking/creaking noise from the dashboard when the car flexes, even on smooth roads. I tracked it down to the ID light or lower windscreen area.

If I push the screen with my thumb at the bottom, outside just above the wipers, it creaks. The dealer assures me that they all do this, and showed me a showroom car doing the same thing.

While trying to nail it down, I stuffed a cloth between the ID light and the screen, on the inside. This stopped the noise completely. Back I go to show the dealer what solves the problem. He took a photo and is sending it to Germany to see what they say.

Is anyone else hearing a cracking/creaking from the dashboard? Is your windscreen creaking when you press on it outside at the bottom?

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I had a creak that I was convinced was coming from the centre screen or air vents, but it was the cover that goes from the rear view mirror down the screen behind the camera etc.

It wasn’t clipped on properly.

Sounds like you’ve tracked yours down though, so should be able to get it sorted by the dealer?

Creaks and rattles are a pain to get sorted, especially if they’re intermittent or temp related. I had some right bobby dazzlers on my old i3, gave up mentioning them to the dealer in the end.
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