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Hey Everyone!

I 3d print custom cupholder inserts for the Renault Zoe (22 & 41 kWh versions). If you are like me, the only thing you don't like about your Zoe is the incredibly small cupholders... I can fix that! I designed these myself and have tested them on 10+ Zoes throughout the UK. They fit snugly into any 22 & 41 kWh Zoe, and will allow you to bring actual cups/mugs/thermoses with you anywhere you go! I print them with an organically-produced plastic called PLA+, and can even do custom designs/colours on request. The "standard" models can be seen below:


All of the above designs can be printed in black or grey for £25+shipping, custom designs and/or custom colours can be accommodated for an additional charge of £5 each. Join the 10+ happy customers I've already helped!

IMG_20200911_175801555.jpg IMG_20201007_222418756.jpg IMG_20201007_222408038.jpg IMG_20200911_072422473.jpg 119482353_341495653751999_4198667616384722939_n.jpg 120934170_764431967460789_1882959827977858394_n.jpg
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