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Waiting for C Class estate 350e...
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Wondering if anyone has any experience

I have already ordered a Tracker to be fitted (insurance insisted!)

I am looking at having a dashcam installed (Probably a Blackvue 750 2ch or similar)

There seems to be a lack of clarity though The "official" Blackvue distributor in my area is saying that I could NOT use the "parking" mode without a separate Power Pack (£200+), and that their install cost is £179 on top of the cost of the camera!

However, Halfords (I know, I know!) locally offer to fit for £50 and no need for a Powerpack as they use some sort of battery monitor that stops it from draining the battery.

I asked the distributor and he has panicked me by saying (and I quote)

1) Firstly they have no experience in electric vehicles and I would be amazed if they could do the install or will even do it.
2) Halfords don’t route the cables through the gators for the rear camera and don’t follow the manufactures wiring within the vehicle.
3) They will also from experience not route the cable under your vehicle airbags, from the jobs we have had in to rectify installs from Halfords they run the cables in-front which has obvious safety issues.
4) They won’t do any DAB testing and won’t route the cables in a special way so you won’t get issues with the radio reception due to the rear camera.
5) if you are happy to let Halfords pull your trim apart on a brand new 80K vehicle that they have no knowledge of then its totally up to you, we get customers coming to us from all over the UK due to the way we install these cameras and there is a reason for that.

I have an MD who is already conscious of spend on the vehicle (Typical bean counter!)

I find it hard to believe that Halfords would not be "able" to do it at all, and if they damaged it, I would like to think a big PLC like that would rectify it. I get that the Distributor is justifying his higher costs, but I wondered if anyone here has any experience that might be able to guide me

The additional confusion was that Halford said they would just "plug straight into the ODBC port" thereby making life easier, but I am now totally confused !!

You lot are very clever, can anyone advise, please?

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Blackvue is 'reassuringly expensive' enough without markups and extortionate fitting charges.
On the other hand, Halfords is one rung up the step ladder from DIY, without the care and attention that you might give if you did it yourself! Plus their 'battery saver' is not what you want; the 'power pack' is a much better solution.

How about the 'middle way': an auto electrician...
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