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Delivery Forecasts.

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My scheduled delivery/collection day is 15 December. Dealer confirmed today that is still the case as their system hasn't been updated.

However, because of transporter/driver shortages they are now able to pick up the car from the docks themselves, circumventing additional delays.

Anyone else had their delivery updated or given a firm date yet?
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The 360 camera is also a cheaped out version not like this:

360 camera

I have seen other versions with the smaller screen and with ambient light on the dash too

See here (it's in French)
Personally I thought the 360 was kind of patchy, you get much more seamless presentation with some other brands.

The smaller screen in other markets is without Android Automotive so no Google navigation etc. Not sure about the ambient lights though. Mine doesn't have even lights at the rear interior lol. But it has plenty of other kit...
I found the windows steam up more than the mokka but I need to look at what you're supposed to do with it rather than just driving without knowing where the controls were.
I'm inclined to think it was the weather being a bit foggy and rainy and dark and cold
Had a bit of steaming of the rears as well on very moist weather and car full of people. It's worth noting that the A/C icon is not lit if you just flick the switch to Auto (or soft etc). Which is apparently only for the blower and turns the A/C off, what I found a bit weird as you still have to press the touch screen separately to "turn it on". Also the Sync function is only activated on the touch screen.

After this I've had fogging better in control and similar to earlier cars. The rears are always a bit difficult even when you have nozzles at the back center console.
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Rear heater helps with rear window but above 0C A/C may still function and help with rear sides as well.
There is some detection thing in the passenger seat which turns the passenger airbag on or off depending on if there is anyone in the seat or not.
Took me a while to figure this out as well. Never had this in any other car, not sure why they want to disable it, and what if you put a baby seat there (could be a weight limit though, so only bigger passengers will trigger it or something).
This is similar here as well with the printed warranty, so must be a Renault thing with their warranties. Wear parts are not covered in extended warranty but got the service plan for that.
In UK you at least get 100Kmiles as limit here it is 100Kmeters and 4 years. So no benefit upgrading to 5 or 6 year plan if you drive more as the limit remains the same.
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I guess it's difficult to get a new car without problems these days.

I had a few as well, but overall it's ok and dealer sorted most of them already.

It could be worse, for example mechanical issue like malfunction in drive train, like you can even get with certain so called premium brands after just few days of ownership...

Btw, latest update to My Renault broke something in scheduled preconditioning. Will have to investigate further, but my guess is that delayed charging might not play well with scheduled preconditioning. Good that instant preconditioning still works...
Lack of heatpump definitely seems like a problem because I drove home without giving it death but still I'm 100 miles down on range just because it was cold foggy rain and dark
TBH not seeing much benefit from the heatpump other than annoying noise that it makes. Seems the only way to get more range is to precondition and keep temperature down.
Without checking the non existant manual I can't say if that should change if fully laden.
Here we have the manual downloadable from Renault website. But it doesn't have anything on tyre pressures. Has tons of other info though. So the sticker is all I've seen on it so far. By the looks of it seems its quite similar to other FWD cars I've had, so fully ladden the rear pressure should probably be about the same as front.
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yet there are people saying they are getting over 4.
Would be interesting to know what kind of conditions / driving is that achieved. I've seen similar but only temporary in ideal conditions and pre conditioned battery. Usually 2.7-3 in short range and cold battery (ouside temp closer to -10).
My commutes are mostly 15-30miles. 3.4 is perfectly possible but heating can raise the average and also uphills are bad so if you drive flat or even slight downhill you get much lower consumption. It's quite difficult to compare if you don't know all conditions are equal.

For example did the other driver start from warm carage, was the road dry or damp etc.

The ER version doesn't seem to be that much more efficient at least in winter because initial heating is the biggest energy hog even with a heatpump (in EVs they will mostly help to recycle heat so not much benefit in short range driving at least).

My best is 4+ but that average was took in pretty much ideal conditions and a warm car / battery with heating turned low.
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You can see the difference heating makes if you check Bjorn Nyland tests. The range test was done starting from warm carage and got 4.2 from 50mph and 3.1 from 75mph test.

Yet in the 1000km test the average consumption was just 2.5. Probably since the cabin heat dropped between charges and it also used a fair bit to pre heat before arriving the DC chargers as well. This car also had the heat pump.
Today a 160 mile trip, pretty much spot on 3.0. Started from -1 and ended up with -4C was raining / snowing the whole trip so considering the weather I guess it was ok.

Speed limit was 50-70 so pretty much stick to that due to bad weather. Heating was set at 17-18C. 2 people charged phones, radio was on at low volume. Car was packed full with 2 adults and kids at back.

GOM claimed I could make it but added 25% mid way and ended up with 19% so glad I made the stop.
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Winter tyres are 215 and non EV optimized (only available in certain sizes).

Heat pump yes, but TBH not sure if it does much. Seen a few tests where in similar temperature heat pump and non heat pump version of same make / model car had similar consumption (not renault though).
I topped up on a Lidl 22kW charger yesterday, in the absence of app info, it looked to have took pretty much 22kW for the duration of the charging session.
This has been my favourite feature so far about this car. The 22kW charging is great and not sure how but seems there is hardly any charging loss. I usually get 21 and sometimes even full 22 (last time today).
Interesting though that UK cars getting better m/kWh than mine with supposedly better efficiency and heatpump. Didn't get to drive mine enough at mild temps to get comparable data. But do recall seeing similar numbers with warmed up car before temps got cold so I believe I need a longer trip in mild weather to say for sure.
Looks wise my favourite is Techno and would've gotten the same color as now, full shadow grey. Never was a fan of full leather seats and gold is not my thing either.

Wasn't available when I ordered, but looking at it now basically would mean paying 100 more per month for a slight cosmetic upgrade and power that I would never need or use as I would still drive it in ECO most of the time :D
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We have a fox here too. Haven't caught on cam yet but seen it running around the neighborhood couple of times.

Don't really like the Smart shape either. I think there are other more interesting propositions on the same Geely platform like upcoming Volvo or Polestar SUVs. Hopefully they've sorted out most of their current model issues by then and the infotainment could use a revamp too.

From Renault the upcoming Scenic interests me the most. I think the Megane looks great and drives great but sits a tad too low for my liking.

Renault Austral would otherwise be interesting but it's only available as hybrid.
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