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Delivery Forecasts.

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My scheduled delivery/collection day is 15 December. Dealer confirmed today that is still the case as their system hasn't been updated.

However, because of transporter/driver shortages they are now able to pick up the car from the docks themselves, circumventing additional delays.

Anyone else had their delivery updated or given a firm date yet?
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Hi there, I'm a Renault newbie and have ordered a Megane E-Tech Techno. I know nothing about Renault's shipping process when my time eventually comes. How long do cars take to arrive in the UK after release from the factory? Is the UK arrival port Portbury and what port do they ship from please? Thank you
The more that get delivered, means more will soon be delivered.
I went for a test drive on Sunday. The dealer said they had had 60 cars turn up just at their dealership last week and they had a number of Megane Launch Editions sitting around the customer car park with wrapping on. He said he was surprised to receive so many.
My post may not have been clear. The cars were not available for sale, they were deliveries of customer orders. I'm a long way down the line to get mine, been told April-June.
I have got nothing against anyone who turns up at a dealer to look at/consider a new car. But what Renault have done in respect of the Priority List Customers is a disgrace. 2nd class deliveries, components missing and yet regular customers are already driving Meganes.

I have switched to Renault from Kia. Ordered an EV6 with 20 week delivery and cancelled after 1 year waiting with still no build slot or idea of when it might get one. I don't think any manufacturer is covering themselves in glory at the moment.
Thanks, i'll have to paint over the light then if it doesn't go out if I don't have a passenger.

One thing which is odd or I'm going mad(er) is that I understood the car had a 5 year warranty.
Everything I look at in the paperwork and the app shows 3 years.

Is that an error from Renault, I wouldn’t have bought it if 3 years was all they gave and I'm already considering rejecting the car and buying a cheap ICE.


Renault website has this link for the 5 year warranty and what it includes: https://cdn.group.renault.com/ren/g...arranty-01082022.pdf.asset.pdf/5289a06ba6.pdf
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Right then, a few of us actually have the car.
I'm probably the closest to rejecting it for a whole list of reasons but the dealer seems to think they can put it all right.

How many people are still waiting?
If you are, do you have a robust list of things to check for before accepting the car, originally the plan was to go to inspect the car but what with delays I couldn't.
Even though renault tell you they check everything at the factory, import centre and the dealership do too it seems they actually don't and the check list they go through just seems to be a chilly muppet ticking boxes and crumpling up the paperwork and manual before moving on to the next car.
Bristol street motors should have noticed that the boot hatch is wonky and should have noticed everything was set to french and that the tyres were under inflated but I guess they just assumed the import centre were doing what they're meant to do. A typical example of people not bothering to do their job because they assumed the person before them did bother to do theirs

So the moral is check everythjng yourself, in daylight and don't trust anyone to be competent.

I've switched to the Megane after cancelling an MG4 order. They have oil leaks, bulging undertray, power issues and, most seriously, occupants being locked inside when anti theft kicks in. I've now found a stock Megane I hope to pick up early January. I am relieved that the forums don't list the issues that caused me to cancel the MG4.
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I always seem to get either problematic cars or dealers that are rubbish.
With the Mokka it was both.

Thinking about your checklist you should definitely make sure you mention the standard warranty in case it's the dealer copying stuff over from the paperwork. Don't trust that everything that should have been checked has been and if you have a long drive home it's worth making sure the tyre pressures are accurate. I think they deflated mine but reinflated them all to 34 PSI whereas the setting should be 36 rear and 38 at the front.
Without checking the non existant manual I can't say if that should change if fully laden.

Hopefully your handover will be a lot smoother.

Have you seen the online manual? Tyre pressure info section 4.7/4.8 and refers to the label inside the door. https://gb.e-guide.renault.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/eng/BCB/Megane_E-TECH-100_1402-2_ENG.pdf
Thanks, I did see it before but it seems to be loads and loads of guff about strapping a child seat in followed by a couple of pages that I was too tired to read after scrolling through all the babyseat stuff.
I'll take another look after a couple of redbulls, it should be in colour and printed out with a goldleaf renault badge for LE owners and silver for the other models.

A link on a website isnt much yse when in the middle of nowhere.


I've opened it in Adobe on my phone and it's saved in there. Better than relying on network coverage but still not as good as a hard copy. I'd be happy with my silver 'not LE' badge, never been much of a gold fan 😉
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I agree with what your saying, I know I only have a techno, so wasn't expecting anything I didn't get but I'm really enjoying my car.
I had an MG4 on order and cancelled, you want to know issues go onto the MGEV forum and into the MG4 section and see what they are putting up with, what's worse is the atrocious attitude of mguk and some dealers
They have oil leaks, I'll fitting trim, random power loss, damaged tyres, shambles of an infotainment system, lane assist program that a dealer has described makes the car behave like "Christine"
Owners only getting 2 miles per kw.
The worst one a car that is deadlocking itself and sounding the alarm with occupants within. The only way out is to drop the back seats and activate the emergency boot release. Nothing else works! And there have been several reports of this
You haven't 'only' got a Techno. The Techno is great looking and very well equipped. Just because it is not described as a special edition doesn't make it anything less of a great car. Personally I don't like the gold on the Launch Edition so would never opt for it. Techno all the way! (P.S. I think we have both made the right call swerving the MG4)
finally :) getting the key Saturday :)
Please share pics!

I've been told today that mine is at the import centre and should be with the dealer in a couple of weeks.
Welcome to the Black & Grey club.

I think that's 3 of us.
I'll be joining the black/grey club too, albeit a Techno rather than a LE. I ordered white/black but the test drive was in black/grey and really looked great as the salesman drove off. When I found one in stock I jumped at it. I look at the side on pic of yours to scratch my itch until mine arrives!
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My car was delivered today, it's stunning! But Friday 13th bit me when the delivery driver hit the bumper on the curb so that's broken 🤪 He was very apologetic and the dealer communication this afternoon has been really good. New bumper is on back order with Renault France and could be 4 weeks + though. Shame but I'm going to enjoy the car anyway 🙂
I don't usually go out on Friday 13th, other people's bad luck. I don't need to be involved with that.
When my Mokka was delivered, the driver drove past my house 8 times, 3 of which I was stood there trying to flag him down.
He then came within mm of curbing one of the back wheels and parked on the pavement.
Getting out of the car he swung on the door then dropped both fobs on the ground, one never did look right. There's more but you get the picture.

He came very close to having to walk home with a car stuck up his arse.
Well done for not being in custody, ;) !

What colour is the car anyway? Any pics yet?

Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Hood

Photo angle hides the damaged bumper!
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Okay not driven yet but spent the last hour in the infotainment.....and interior

  • Sound superb -- Harman Kardon...excellent
  • Seat adjustment all manual bar Lumber support (electric)...
  • Apple Carplay over BT perfect and Local Android setup ....all relatively easy....Wifi same... all the Android bits do ....
  • Android Developer mode is disabled unless u email Development at Renault :(
  • Android 10 Q (2019)... so a good bit behind.
  • app store, limited but some apps...Spofiy/Amazon Music/Plug Share but Video limited etc.
  • You can turn off the auto Keyfob entry....so secure...
  • Heated Steering and Seats all good. (Seat pressure sensors turn it off if empty etc...)
  • Screen is really too small the "Scrolling" ...Swipe up for Music....will take ages to get down a list as the area available for swipe is even smaller due to the top bar and bottoms heater ac controls
  • Massive gap between the arm rest and the storage tray/tunnel below....Would have been useful for a cover on top of that... so I can put a cleaning cloth tissues etc.and the keyfob...
Were you able to set up Amazon Music to use? I found the app in the store but when I clicked it it said something about not being compatible and then it disappeared from the store.

Also, yesterday on my very short trip to the garage to check my broken bumper was safe to keep driving, I was flashed twice and I think it's because of the bright lights. Checked in settings and car is set to driving on the left and haven't quite worked out how to adjust them up/down with the button yet. Anyone else had a similar experience please?
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