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Delivery Forecasts.

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My scheduled delivery/collection day is 15 December. Dealer confirmed today that is still the case as their system hasn't been updated.

However, because of transporter/driver shortages they are now able to pick up the car from the docks themselves, circumventing additional delays.

Anyone else had their delivery updated or given a firm date yet?
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I'm glad you are the Guinea Pig for us, as no one I know has yet seen the UK Launch Edition
Would be really good to see a few pics and a rundown of what actually is included.

If I have to get the dealer on the phone maybe he can prove the rear view mirror cam thing is there and the dash top and the wooden bits, now it seems we'll have to park it ourselves, god forbid I have to start keeping in lane myself too... 🤥

In the App there's no mention of Self Parking, but front and rear parking assist ( sensors I guess) are. Reversing camera? It does mention lane keeping.

I too really would have liked that Wood Finish on the door tops and fascia. I fear that's gone.

The one that I find annoying, probably because my Audi had it, raised floor panel in the boot, this was available when the cars were presented during the Launch Events. But if I'm not mistaken it now appears in the Accessories list. Argh.
A launch edition in the wild (or facebook) apparently had for a few days.

Looks nice in black. View attachment 169951

Well that's my car, the Grey door mirrors and roof don't seem to stand out in that picture/angle though.
I was thinking of this, but once again these details may be misleading.
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Money laundering prevention, plus some people work for cash and don't pay taxes. I always notify my bank before paying.

Just seen on BBC News, Santander has been fined £107m. Over serious and persistent gaps in its anti money laundering controls.
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I dropped off my Retention Document this morning as I forgot to hand it over when I picked up the loan car.

No mention of delivery forecast.
The funds from my sale haven't come through yet, not that it really matters, as Thursday is meant to be collection day, but no dealer contact.

My son is telling me that based on the info from the Facebook group, several customers are having their delivery dates pushed back, because of issues following the cars coming off of the boat.

If I haven't heard from my dealer on Wednesday morning I will be ringing them in the afternoon, providing someone is there to answer my call.
Well done.
Post some pics both inside and out.
Mine was supposedly going to be here on the 9th but now I'm told tomorrow.
Dealer will probably faff about and delay things until the weather is worse though.

Yeah, not really the best week of this year to pick up a new car.

OH. They are fitting mine for collection. I've given them the retention document.

Not heard from my dealer yet.
I'm wondering how long the retention doc might take to come through.
Might as well get them to fit the plate and register it rather than faffing about myself.

Are you going to have the green stripe or not?

I never asked about the green stripe. On the Audi it came with the DVLA plates (green stripe) however, they made up plates for us and when I took them out to be fitted they were standard plates.

I think when dealers register a new EV they just fit the green stripes as a matter of course.
My last update was it being on a boat a fortnight ago. Heard nothing since and hoping it's at least landed by now...
If I'm hearing/reading things correctly, our cars are sitting at the port waiting for certain components to be added/retrofitted. Odd, but given certain supply chains issues, maybe not a daft as it sounds. Maybe, with components shipped in from elsewhere or the UK.
Update just came in from Renault.
14th, tomorrow.
I guess that even though they were on the same boat the prep they do and transporters they lob them on are done in strict order of first come, first served.

So the race is on for who xan pick it up the quickest and pist some pictures.

Have you been drinking. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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Maybe the 15th will work for me as I've heard nothing else.

Incidentally, anyone had e-mail No 2 from Renault?
Well that flies in the face of Renault's predictions to Priority Customers that they would get their cars before Christmas. It does make you wonder what is going on as we seem to be in the dark about it.
Latest from Renault customer is my car has been released for delivery and they are aiming to get it to dealer by end of next week where then dealer do there's checks before arrangements for me to collect so looks like the week after Christmas 😩
What was your scheduled delivery date?
Which concurs with my dealer saying they would go and fetch it from the port.
Courtesy of Facebook, my dealer has received and prepped ready for tomorrow, the First LE to be handed over by them.

The photos are on Facebook.
The boot doesn't seem to have a ledge to facilitate a raised boot floor. So the Renault accessory must have a different design.
All very random then.
Renault UK just phoned me. Car now expected to be at dealers on 23 December instead of 20 December. He said he was 'confident' of that date. The delare needs to do an autoglym so no way I will get it before Christmas. Fortunately my old wreck got through its MoT without having to spend too much (a miracle) so iot doesn't really matter to me. And as someone else said, weather not great for the forseeable anyway.

Incidentally, although my dealer said maintenance plan was a single up front payment, Renault guy seemed to think that a new alternative, a paid-monthly plan, was now available. No idea if that is right or not!
I was offered the Service Plan, a figure was quoted and I challenged it, I had been quoted for an ICE vehicle, they came back to me and it was less than £5 a month. I took it. Also opted for wheel and tyre insurance, I've never done this before, but my wife will be driving this a lot and she has a wheel curbing history. 20" tyres don't come cheap do they.
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