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Delivery Forecasts.

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My scheduled delivery/collection day is 15 December. Dealer confirmed today that is still the case as their system hasn't been updated.

However, because of transporter/driver shortages they are now able to pick up the car from the docks themselves, circumventing additional delays.

Anyone else had their delivery updated or given a firm date yet?
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Ah, yeah Renault Finance.
Guess what. I called my dealership this morning, a call back was promised, nada, I called again to discover my Sales Exec is not in.

Asked for an update, best answer was, they have a batch of a cars undergoing whatever they undergo i.e. Sat Nav/Software updates or the like and until that is complete no DF.

I am assuming that this part of the process is not impacted by any Public Holiday breaks other than Xmas proper.

Wishful thinking maybe.
Priority list customer, delivery before Xmas. Which year?

Kind of frustrating right now.
This is why I sold my other car back to the dealer last week.. Still have been paid by them though. Could be next week.
The false floor looks like a moulded unit with a cover sized for the boot. Probably OK but not what was originally promised.
And that makes Priority List Customers feel even better. :mad:
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Also, I can't find the original discussion but people were wondering about the false boot/divider thing. I asked my dealer about it, and he gave me a useful site that has RRP of all accessories (he said some might be cheaper because the prices get set before the car is fully released):

Didn't even think about looking at the price :eek:.

How much. £205. For what looks like a polystyrene moulding and I guess a lid/cover. Also, is that a fire risk?
I can't remember what the e208 boot looked like, but fairly sure the cables tucked under, definitely had a false floor in the Audi, loved it because everything was kept tidy. If you go on a long journey and need to charge on route, you don't need the cables as DC chargers are tethered.
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TBH, it would be better without a number plate. Or one of those tiny ones you used to see on those Mitsubishi's.

More importantly, he made it home in those crappy conditions.

Still no return phone call from dealer!
"The attached car pic is that of Ian Jarvis.
Lucky bugger."

Yeah, but his car is old now. 🤣🤣
You're rubbing Salt into open wounds. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Have you seen it or have they sent you photos?
That will be useful on the roads around here. (y)
And a Merry Christmas to you, I'm working Xmas Day so can't take delivery that day. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Oh, do you mean our dealers don't work Xmas day (it's disgraceful).
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Meanwhile, I rang my dealer after lunch. My sales executive is off again today.

How would that have panned out when today was meant to be my collection day.

Just frustrated, so much for the Priority List.
Agree with the Priority List comment, I have a Launch Edition on order for a Priority List customer, which isn't now due until the 23rd!!
Well maybe you could clarify something. The internet and forums can be both a useful and a bad place to be, as information offered up can be conflicting.

The story about the Port closing next week is "out there". Does this impact on the centre where they are processing new Renaults ( I was told they do things like Install/update the cars software, reducing the stress on the dealsrs), or is it separate from the Port?

In the absence of having a conversation with my sales exec, I just wondered if there would be any effect on through put.
Should I be surprised, no call returned today.

I was instructed by my Insurance company to tell them the moment I sold my previous car, as there was going to be a gap (which seems to be growing by the day), essentially, to ensure I would not be responsible if someone else had a traffic incident in a car I was insured for. I get that. The catch 22 scenario is if I don't take delivery of the car by the 22nd. My insurance will be terminated. I still don't know the impact on my NCB and renewal process, if the car gets delivered after that.
What have you been doing for transport after ditching the Audi?
If you have no car but have access to one could you have your insurer cover that?
It may not be worth picking up a 2k runabout for the sake of a month but if it can be resold and any loss minimal then the value of keeping the insurance going might make it worthwhile.

The dealer has loaned me a Captur, it's on their insurance. So transport is not an issue. Just trying to get to grips with my current Insurance companies approach.
This is clearly something that won't come as a surprise to many on here.

I know I keep "banging on about it", because it is of Renaults making. They pushed this car and promoted the Priority List, emphasising, how we would be first, how we would get our cars before Christmas (yes I accept it's not Christmas yet - so we can live in hope), but this is a PR disaster as well as so many Customers feeling frustrated, compounded by the probability ( I can't prove anything other than comments made on here), non priority list customers are already in their cars and some Meganes were delivered to dealers and customers bought Meganes from stock, ( I don't have a gripe with them - they were fortunate). Had I had the ability of hindsight I would have done the same, instead we were fed this Limited option, low production figures and we will let you know if you were successful process. Which now looks like a mockery.

End of rant.
It doesn't help when you see this video. For some reason I only came across it today. this really rubs it in when you see the spec of this car, including the boot floor accessory. :mad::mad:

TBH, I don't recall the brush, but yes the boot accessory he just picked it and slung it. Not quite in the Matt Watson style though. The boot thingy is at the beginning.
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