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Delivery Forecasts.

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My scheduled delivery/collection day is 15 December. Dealer confirmed today that is still the case as their system hasn't been updated.

However, because of transporter/driver shortages they are now able to pick up the car from the docks themselves, circumventing additional delays.

Anyone else had their delivery updated or given a firm date yet?
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Welcome to the Black & Grey club.

I think that's 3 of us.
My wife made the same comment regarding the space by the console. I think it's something you will soon get used to. I think the tray where you can put the key, probably could do with a more grippy surface.
I looked at the front number plate set up. I agree that it is lower than perhaps it could be as it does cover the F1 Blade, but if it hadn't been mentioned on here, I doubt that I would have noticed it. When you've had an Alfa with a side mounted front plate, this Renault seems normal.
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I think humphreythepug sums it up well. Our understanding of how dealers operate is probably wrong or poor. They certainly want everything sorted before collection.

This car was my first experience of essentially an "on-line" purchase. Apart from the odd phone call and e-mail (mainly to sort out a loan car - my dealer was excellent in this respect), everything happened through my mobile phone!!

At my collection, I just had to punch a couple of codes to texts, to get my invoice and confirmation I had declined certain options, GAP etc.
My dealer isn't open on a Sunday, and no doubt no dealers aren't open today.

What about tomorrow, are they closed then as well?
I and no doubt others had similar e-mails. your car can't be that far away.
I'm learning to love mine. Gold against the Black seems OK to me.
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To be fair people didn't have to go through with their orders when it became apparent all those bits of kit were missing.
I don't disagree, but this car has got a lot going for it, I ordered pretty much sight unseen, but weeks before my car was due, I got to drive one and it was winner, winner, chicken dinner. I love this car, but like Gaz, it does bug me that there is some better kit out there that's missing.
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what's next Gaz?

Smart # Brabus, Renault 5e, Alpine Megane.

That Brabus looks a serious motor.
What's happening on Fox Cam?
Oh, bugger, at least you won't have to worry about damaging that area.
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