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I have mixed feelings about the changes Chichester District Council have made to their destination charging installations.

It used to be just a dual headed post in the East Pallant car park. It was a CYC post, and was £1 connection for PAYG and free for Polar Plus. It was popular and frequently used, unsurprisingly.

Now, they've put a dual headed headed post in 4 of their car parks (including replacing the CYC charger) with posts from "InCharge".

The one that replaced the existing charger is now 36p/kWh, with RFID card access only. The other 3 are currently free for an introductory period, but will be 18p/kWh, and are available on the app or RFID.

I can stomach 18p/kWh, but 36p/kWh for a destination charger? That seems very expensive to me. On the day I parked up and realised the post had changed, I talked to a Zoe owner parked in the adjacent space - he said that since the change, he never bothers plugging in, just uses it as a guaranteed space on a busy day.

I've never seen a car using it since.

Has anyone else local to the area noticed the changes? Or does anyone else think it's overpriced?
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