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Do you own EV stocks? I made an interactive Google Sheet of 36 stocks connected to EVs

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Hey all,

I listed all the publicly traded electric car/bus/FUV makers; battery makers; charging networks; Lithium mines etc I know so I could look at them all from one place:
Electric Vehicle STOCKS Google Sheet
It's live, so the stock prices, market caps etc are renewed with a 20-minute delay.

Since we are all electric vehicle enthusiasts here, I find it natural to be interested in how the companies are doing on the market.

What stocks am I missing here?
Do you own any stocks connected to EVs and why those?
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Thanks for the spreadsheet.

Tales of my EV shares adventure:
Bought Tesla in 2017, sold it late last year thinking 400 was as high as it’ll ever get. Now a quarter of its original share is worth over 500.
Bought a few shares in Nikola a few months ago, just before them being exposed they were rolling down hill........

So my luck isn’t great with stocks and share 😂
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Classic mistake, i added to my position by an extra 20 shares the day after the stock split @ $450. This is like all the weak hands that bailed on Bitcoin under $6k in 2018 and March 2020 (covid dump) and said it will never ever go back above the $19k 2017 high, and yet, here we are today, and it did. 2021 is going to be epic for Tesla and Bitcoin investors.
Don't worry, I've bought back about half worth of what I've sold after the split a few months ago. I think of it as cashing out my 2017-2019 gains.

But it's a far cry from how much I could have got if I hodl!

On the spreadsheet. Could you add a renewable energy sector? It's sort of linked to EV and I think this sector would also have good outlook going forward.
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