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Thank you for the, although sarcastic, feedback.
This Google Sheet is a free resource with ONE SENTENCE on it about my newsletter.
Yes, I do have a product in the space (free, no sponsors or anything, maybe in the future) and yes, I will use the opportunity to gather people that are interested in the topic.
Sorry, but I'd be stupid if I didn't.

I'm sharing some of the resources I create in my newsletter here with others - without them having to subscribe. Just mentioning it as sidenotes.
I'm here for the community and for the discussion (otherwise I would just post links). I really don't get why this bothers you. What would you do differently?
It seems an initial frosty reception for you on the forum but as you are involved in an electric taxi company I think you will have some very interesting and useful thoughts to add and I'm sure the fourm members will soon warm to you.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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