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It's got 4 wheels 馃殭
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Gosh.....what is wrong with people today....The guy doesn't want to sell you anything, he doesn't ask you to buy shares in his taxi company, he just shares information.
@mikegs ....I am enjoying reading your posts however this......

Most of us are very spam/phishing wary these days and your posts just have that sort of look about them unfortunately.
Being non-UK (I'm sorry, I don't recognise the flag) doesn't help as spam is often from abroad (most on this forum are British), and if English isn't your first language then there are probably subtle signals in there as well (not that I have noticed any).
Keep going and try to make it clear that you aren't a commercial enterprise and it'll settle down.
I am not British by birth but by choice. I moved to the UK 30+ years ago and still have my accent etc. It doesn't makes me less valuable person and member of this mainly British collective is it?

Disappointed with this sort of comments I have to say. I strongly believe that in 21st century we have moved away from this crap......
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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