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Do you own EV stocks? I made an interactive Google Sheet of 36 stocks connected to EVs

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Hey all,

I listed all the publicly traded electric car/bus/FUV makers; battery makers; charging networks; Lithium mines etc I know so I could look at them all from one place:
Electric Vehicle STOCKS Google Sheet
It's live, so the stock prices, market caps etc are renewed with a 20-minute delay.

Since we are all electric vehicle enthusiasts here, I find it natural to be interested in how the companies are doing on the market.

What stocks am I missing here?
Do you own any stocks connected to EVs and why those?
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Holy crap-ola QS the past couple weeks! That’s some pretty big news that they broke with those solid state batteries. Hope it’s not all smoke and hype, but the real deal.

The good news is:

If it’s hype that amounts to nothing... we are safe from the bubble burst that’s coming.

If it’s legit... they have broke open the industry and found the holy grail battery tech that will mainstream EV’s, extend our range, extend battery life, shorten our charge time, and it’s NOT too late to get on the moon rocket!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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