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Does anyone know anything about these chargers?

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I see these being sold on Ebay:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174831924178
As I'm moving soon and will not be able to get the government contribution again, so I'm looking for a reasonably cheap solution. I realise that these will be dumb, but I'm loath to either pay a fortune or buy something that is unsuitable.
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If you have an iPhone, it was made in China. One of the top DNA sequencing firms, a task that requires advanced biomedical engineering, is Chinese. A lot of Chinese manufactured goods are top quality.

The issue is that people come and say: 'I want you to make X and have it cost Y'.

And the Chinese say, 'Yes, of course', then they make it happen.

Anyone with even a basic understanding of electrical safety requirements, who has been around for a while, will have horror stories like Jeremy's. I have also encountered CE ('Chinese Engineering') marked metal cased products that weren't earthed. My 'favourite' was a power supply from a well-known hi-fi company that separated into its constituent parts as I unplugged it from the wall, leaving live 240V metal terminal exposed: it is a good job I am not an inquisitive toddler. I don't believe the hi-fi firm had any direct input into the manufacturing of the power supply -- I expect they just bought it in at a keen price. (A lot of cheap PSUs are of a very similar design -- caveat emptor.)

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. An EV chargepoint is mains voltage, high current, typically externally sited and exposed to the elements. It needs to be done properly. This one screams avoid.
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Some of them aren't no-name. They have a name. Sometimes hilarious names e.g. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nobsound-Bluetooth-Amplifier-Wireless-Receiver-black/dp/B0725PJQQV

(Note: I'm not saying this is a bad product. I don't have one. Although obviously, with that branding, ownership is very enticing.)
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