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Renault Zoe Intens Q210 22kw 2013
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well - not charging the dash and radio will all go blank and turn off after about 10mins when car is not in its 'ready' state on the dash ... and so for that point only I am going to say it all does that to stop running down the 12v battery.
When charging the Dash stays on telling you the percentage (and I am presuming radio maybe?) because the type2 charging is not only topping up your traction battery its topping up the 12v battery too (until it gets to 13.8v I am presuming then stops charging the 12v battery??)

other than that, I think when you open the drivers door and the spinning car on the dash happens the DC-DC converter/inverter ( 380v DC - 12vDC) checks the 12v battery and if it needs charging it does?

I might be wrong, but thats how i presume it all works.

- sorry about the loads of presuming :)
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