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Zelda - 2015 Renault Zoe Q210 (Dynamique Intens)
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Hi all.

I have a suspicion this might have come up before, but all the threads I can see on battery drain are about when the car is parked and left for periods of time.

Can anyone let me know if the 12v battery is liable to get run down when I'm:
A. Sat in here with music and/or lights on whilst charging
B. Doing the same unplugged

My understanding is that when the car is "running", the inverter keeps the lead-acid battery nicely topped up, like an alternator would, but I'm unsure if this would happen when the car is parked. I'd be mighty surprised if it would be possible to kill the 12v system whilst the charger is going, but I've learned weirder quirks about this car.

I have a 2015 Zoe Dynamique Intens Q210, for context.

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