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Doggy Seatbelt

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Hi all,

We have a new fluffball (Labradoodle) coming in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone knows of a doggy seatbelt that fits the Model 3? (Posted here as I presume the seatbelts are the same across the range)

I have looked at ones on Amazon and the buckle shape is rectangular.

In the Tesla there is a split in that rectangle.


Is anyone using a doggy seatbelt they can recommend? Or do they reckon the above example will fit?

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I wish they would outlaw these Doggy seatbelts as they are nothing like the safety levels they say they provide.
Get a cage and put the cage in the boot with the back seats down. Your dog and your family will thank you should you ever end up in an accident.

There’s nothing wrong with the belts, it’s the harnesses you have to be careful with. The belts are usually shorter then the ones they show in the film clips, there’s no way the pup can fall off the seat. I’m sure cages can be just as damaging in a crash.
Cages are also shown but given the choice a cage is the only real option and the reason why you see professional dog handlers using them for transporting their animals after £xxx has been spent in training the animal they dont want a tiny bump to damage it and have to retire it early.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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