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Zoe 22KW Aug 2018 - 65 plate 9k
Zoe 19th Nov 2021
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Itching to get involved in the scene after a test drive in the 30kwh Leaf September 2016. Sold my Abarth Tuesday and booked a test drive for today at 10am. email arrived your test drive is booked today for 12pm confirmation.

Off we go EXCITED arrive at Solihull 35 mins down the road and the salesman has that instant look that YES your not on the system and the cars not available, can I take some details!!

So i walked out what's the point! luckily they had a few new ZE40's in the carpark to ponder over. I guess the old 22kw and 40kw are the same body shape style etc? just need to drive one ARGH.

One car family I need a CAR, HELP ME :)
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