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HNY all.

Question and a suggestion for the new year.

Is there a website anywhere that lists all the EV charger companies in Europe on a country by country basis? For example, if I were to drive across Germany, how do I find out which companies I need to register an app with or get an RFID card from?

Suggestion. If such a page/site doesn't exist, could we host one here? Perhaps in a forum of their own? EV drivers will become more adventurous as model range increases. I've driven ICE cars as far as Barcelona in one direction and to Slovenia and eastern Slovakia in the other. I'm sure other people have gone much further. I'm looking thoughtfully at Scandinavia sometime. I'd like to do it an EV (probably not my iOn, though). There are lots of chargers but there's not much point arriving at a charger to find out that you need an RFID card. One day perhaps we'll all just swipe a Visa card but that day is far off!

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