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Up until a few years ago, nobody in the UK had winter tyres. As the weather is getting warmer each year, is it really worth it? For the 2 days a year it snows, I just avoid travelling!
Oh, how I wish that was an option! Living in the Highlands, with early-ish starts for work and regular overnight on calls mean driving in bad weather is a necessity. Preferably being able to just open the garage and go, without needing to stop and faff with things like snow socks.

This is the only place I've lived (where I've been old enough to drive) that having two sets of tyres is totally normal. People who hardly go anywhere except round town might have all seasons, but in the country you'll more than likely have summer and winter sets. When I lived in South Wales they looked at me like I had grown a second head when I wanted a set of all seasons. Dread to think what their reaction would have been if I'd wanted proper winters!
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