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E Expert servicing

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Just booked my E Expert in for a service at local Peugeot dealer, 25K on the clock so it’s a second service - £229, I asked what a 2nd service entailed and was told it was my normal electric van service plus changing pollen filter and brake fluid. - does this sound about right money wise?
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Driving the Diesel ( version and the service interval is 25k so no idea why its classed as a second service :mad::eek:
probably doing like most dealers and trying it on - but they do need to make money

my last service for the van was £1240 but that inc disk and pads all around and a AC recharge at 75k miles

desperately trying to get my company to get the electric version
i do 30-40k miles a year so will be interesting
they’re up for thee idea but decided to hold as they want to review the legality of home charging and how to pay for charging on the road
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