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I remember looking at the stats from the RAC future car challenge back in 2011 and being impressed how much more efficient the VW Golf electric prototype seemed to be compared to the Leaf.

There were two prototype golf electrics doing the route. 1st one used 10.1 kWh over the 57 mile route and the other used 12.1 kWh. Compare this to the four 1st gen leafs doing the route using 14.1, 14.3, 14.9, 15.6 kWh over the 57 miles and the Golf prototype seemed quite a bit more efficient.
Data from http://www.greencarguide.co.uk/features/see-2011-full-results/

Calculations based on the golfs with 24.1 kWh battery capacity would have managed to go 136 and 113 miles before running out whereas the Leafs with 24kwh battery capacity would have managed 97, 95, 91 and 87 miles before running out.....
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