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contemplating an new E-Up as a second EV. primary reason for selection is its the lowest insurance group EV (that is still proper car) and I will have to add a 17 year old to the family driving mix in the next year. one thing you can't tell from a test drive unless its winter is how good is the heating. having driven some older EV's where the heaters were sorely lacking so I am a little nervous as the E-up is relatively old design. I'm not interested in how much does it hit the range (I know it will, I'm ok with that) simply how powerful is the heating - can you get it properly warm and comfortable as quickly as a petrol? Mrs doesn't want to go back to driving EV with 4 coats on.
has anyone measured (using their charging point) how much the preheat pulls from the wall (if the battery is charged but the preheat is on full blast) as I'd assume thats a good indicator of capability.

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