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e-Vivaro PCP offer

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As all BEVs seem to be about £30k now [edit ...oh sorry, that's just the credit, before the balloon payment ... doh!]

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I have a CarWow offer on a Vivaro-e Auto Combi M in metalic at £29,629 cash or PCP.

Not sure why they are showing £47K and the PICG in an advert as that makes no sense. The price was slashed a while ago and the trims realigned.
Just found this advert for one, which states a 9-seater for £31k, which largely fits with the original finance example posted in yhe op.

Vauxhall Vivaro e-Life Combi | Vivaro Life Edition | Drive Vauxhall
Yes, that is the one I got my CarWow quote for (9 seat Combi M) with metallic at £29,630. They don't actually do the passenger version with the larger battery, probably due to gross weight limits. The more expensive once is just posh, for the executive taxi market I guess?

I started looking at the 50kWh Vivaro-e Combi as I may need a larger vehicle in 2023 due to probable change of (part time) work which is why I still have a current CarWow quote.

However, I checked and the smaller Combo-e is probably big enough, a bit quicker and better spec. I then checked the e-Belingo which has same battery, etc. and for a top spec it is better value. Incidentally, Combo-e does not have Vivaro in the name, so I don't really see the confusion.

I found the Vivaro-e Life specs and price document and have attached for anyone interested. It is a HUGE vehicle for less than £30K!


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The advert I referred to clearly says 100kWh.
No it doesn't, it says 100kW which is correct. You definitely know the difference ;)
I did about 1000miles as a test drive in the 75kWh battery version of the Dispatch
This thread is about the passenger version of the vans and as I explained there is no 75kWh version.
There is no need to be so aggressive, is there?

And merely to assert something which is wrong.
I certainly wasn't intending to be aggressive and even included a wink, but you need to be able to take what you give 😄

Ah, I see the typo now - in the first line of text below. In the photo it is correct and in the second line. I probably missed with it just being one out of three that was wrong.
It's just a pity that, as usual, the finance deal doesn't relate to the model shown - MWB poverty spec finance vs LWB relative luxury spec. picture in the advert.
Good point and would warrant a complaint to ASA.
Regrettably, insisting on 100kWh and 6" wheels is going to fall on stony ground, I think....
Ha. Sadly the ASA can't make a company sell you that but they can at least warn a retailer to make sure adverts are clear and not misleading. Although I can't see that advert on their site, so perhaps gone?
Carwow correctly list the vehicle power and battery capacity so clearly folk here have been taking to idiots at Vauxhall dealers - but that isn't hard.

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting

The RRP as above qualifies for the PICG and my best price with metallic is currently £29,629. I decided it was too basic for my needs and range probably too short.
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What realistic range would you expect? 80 miles?
I used van range to get an idea and probably at 70 MPH with a couple of passengers not much more. I am now looking more at smaller MPVs, maybe the Citroën e-Berlingo as that should do over 100 miles in good weather.

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