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e-Vivaro PCP offer

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As all BEVs seem to be about £30k now [edit ...oh sorry, that's just the credit, before the balloon payment ... doh!]

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What size battery do they have?
Just tried to get them to confirm the battery size via their chat line. She didn't know and wanted my contact details.
Also emailed them but won't hold my breath.

Had a call back and once again the telesales person couldn't tell me both the battery size and range. So apparently someone will call me back tomorrow, but was very keen to try and get me down to view one.

Not much chance of that as the nearest Pentagon dealer is 200miles away.

Had another call this morning from their Oldham branch.

The salesman didn't know the battery size or range off the top of his head and suggested he email me a brochure. He confirmed the Vivaro- E Life estate 100kw is £47000.

He new nothing of the mistake on the website.

I never received the brochure.

Conclusion: do not deal with Pentagon group.
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A friend bought one last month and gave me a drive. She got it to fit all her kids in.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was an awful drive and personally I wouldn’t touch it, but as he seems happy so that’s what matters I suppose. 😟
The 100kw performance is poor - 0-62 in 13 secs and that is probably with no load and the range from the 50kW battery hopeles too.

Might be adequate as a taxi but no use at all for a camper conversion (which Vauxhall promote on their website and are done by Wellhouse Leisure)
On lease, and seemingly 'correctly' advertised battery size, and that's quite a bargain if the range is what you need.

I'm unclear if I am tempted or not. Damned lot of BEV for that money but can I cope with range and the horrors of public charging for longer trips?

Shame there is no REx version! And not happy with above comment about ride quality.

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That's a 47k EV so that is a bargain if true, but they are so slow.
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