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I gave some information on my thread My Turn - Service Steering Column Lock about Underwoods Colchester.
I had been using them for services but when I had the Steering Lock error they told me they no longer repaired Amperas, just servicing. So I went to Bristol Street Motors Chingford wjho did the job. As Underwoods no longer services Amperas I saw no point in having the car serviced there as it needs an Ampera specialist (5th service coolant change for example). I had a 3 year service plan with them so I wrote to them and cancelled it.
Today I had a call from Underwoods and I was told that I had been given wrong information, that they had an Ampera specialist in Sudbury, he may have said he was being trained I cant quite remember, but bottom line is that I would like East Anglian owners to know that Underwoods Colchester can service and repair Amperas.
For myself as I have made the move I will be receiving a refund from Underwoods and taking up a service plan at Bristol Street Motors.
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